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Prevention, early detection, and provision of qualified medical assistance and consultation to children and teenagers with pathology of the cardiovascular system, joint diseases of rheumatic and non-rheumatic origin.

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The parents should pay much attention to their child. If you notice any disorders in your child’s development or behavior – don’t wait to consult a pediatric cardiorheumatologist. This specialist can confirm or disprove the parents’ fears, will determine the core of the problem, identify the disorders at the earliest stage, provide the necessary diagnostics and, if needed, prescribe the appropriate treatment of the diseases of cardiovascular system and joints.

Cardiorheumatologist appointment in Kyiv

Prevention, early detection, the provision of qualified medical and consulting assistance to children and teenagers with pathology of the cardiovascular system, joint diseases of rheumatic and non-rheumatic origin:

  • congenital heart defects
  • rheumatic heart disease and acquired heart defects
  • non-rheumatic myocardial disease
  • cardiomyopathies
  • functional disorders of the cardiovascular system
  • heart rhythm disturbances (arrhythmias)
  • diffuse connective tissue diseases
  • juvenile idiopathic arthritis
  • reactive arthritis
  • arterial hypertension
  • vegetovascular dysfunction
  • we carry out additional types of studies: ECG, EchoCG, EEG

Lately congenital heart defects and other diseases of the cardiovascular system stopped being a rarity among children of any age. Such defects can be spotted both at birth, as well as during the growing up. That is why the preventing consultations of the cardiorheumatologist are necessary at the age of 1, 6 and 14 years, along with the annual examinations of the children with known pathologies of the cardiovascular system and joints. Visit KinderKlinik – our experienced cardiorheumatologist examines children of all ages, starting from birth up to 18 year olds.

What symptoms should worry the parents? When is the time to consult a pediatric cardiorheumatologist?

  • the baby gets tired during feeding, refuses to eat, gains weight poorly
  • the child coughs for no apparent reason
  • palpitations, sweating
  • cyanosis (cyanosis of the nasolabial triangle, palms, feet)
  • high or low blood pressure
  • a child complains of pain in the heart or a malfunction in the heart
  • the child experiences fainting, dizziness, or headache
  • swelling and pain in the joints
  • heart murmur found in a child
  • close relatives of the child have heart problems
  • the child has localized foci of chronic infection (chronic tonsillitis, pharyngitis, cholecystitis)
  • Satisfactory, weak or poor Ruffier test result *
  • the child is unusually pale, even after a little physical exertion, is short of breath, gets tired quickly

If you have the complaints above, you need to contact a pediatric cardiorheumatologist, who, with the help of additional examinations, will be able to exclude or suspect pathology of the heart and blood vessels.

*What is the Ruffier test?

Recently, more often at the beginning of the academic year than at the end, Ukrainian students have been annually subjected to undergo the Ruffier test, the results of which might indicate to consult a pediatric cardiorheumatologist.

The Ruffier test – is, in a way, “a pass” to P.E. classes at school. The Ruffieer index is easily calculated: 30 sit ups and measuring the pulse before and after the exercise. If the test result is satisfactory, weak or bad, the child is assigned a group for physical education classes. But at the same time, the child is strongly recommended to visit a cardiorheumatologist.

What examinations does a pediatric cardiorheumatologist assign?

  • electrocardiography (ECG)
  • echocardiography with doppler mapping (echocardiography)
  • electroencephalography (EEG)

Looking for a good cardiorheumatologist in Kyiv? Welcome to KinderKlinik – our experienced cardiorheumatologist, together with other pediatric doctors (neurologist, endocrinologist etc.) will help to detect the defects at an early stage, perform the necessary examinations, establish the correct diagnosis and, if necessary, prescribe a treatment.

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