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Children’s neurologist is a very important specialist. Hydrocephalic syndrome, convulsive syndrome, epilepsy, syndrome of motor disorders, disorders of muscle tone, tension headache, migraine – these and other diseases are diagnosed and treated by a neurologist.

Consultation of a neurologist
Consultation of a pediatric neurologist650 грн
Neurology in Kiev

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Pediatric neurologist, PhD, assistant professor.

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Children’s neurologist is a very important specialist. Hydrocephalic syndrome, convulsive syndrome, epilepsy, motor disorder syndrome, muscle tone disorder, tension headache, migraine – these and other diseases are diagnosed and treated by the neurologist.

Prevention and treatment of diseases of the nervous system in children:

  • evaluation of motor development (we check reflexes, skills, muscle tone, coordination, motor skills), speech and mental development of children;
  • observation and supervision of premature babies;
  • treatment of headache, migraine, trigeminal and facial nerve neuralgia, radicular syndromes, myositis, tics, stuttering, neuroses, neurogenic bladder, affect-respiratory conditions;
  • recommendations for the correction of hyperactivity and any sleep disorders;
  • medical correction in cases of delayed speech development;
  • supervision and treatment of children with head injuries;
  • diagnosis, observation and prescription of drugs for children with epilepsy, convulsive syndromes, febrile seizures;
  • additional types of research: NSG (neurosonography), EEG (electroencephalography), Doppler sonography of cerebral vessels.

Pediatric neurologist appointment

A pediatric neurologist – is a very important specialist. In the first year of life it is recommended to visit the pediatric neurologist at least twice – for preventing purposes, as well as to detect and treat possible neurological disorders as early as possible.

Hydrocephalic syndrome, convulsive syndrome, epilepsy, movement disorders syndrome, muscle tone disorders, tension headache, migraine – these and other diseases are diagnosed and treated by the neurologist. If you have the slightest suspicion, that your child’s nervous system is compromised – come to any of the KinderKlinik’s departments in Kyiv. We will examine the child, learn the cause of the complaint and, if necessary, prescribe the appropriate treatment.

How often do I need to visit neurologist?

Regular preventing neurological examinations are very important, because the state of child’s nervous system directly affects health of all the other organs and systems, as well as the general well-being and development. To avoid the irreversible consequences, a pediatric neuropathologist examines the child at the age of 1 and 3 months, and if necessary – in the age of 6 and 10 months, later – annually and certainly before enrolling in the kindergarten and school.

Neurology: when should I suspect something is wrong?

If the pediatric neurologist examines the child regularly, the risk to miss the developing disorders decreases significantly. This said, there are certain deviations in child’s development, that are worth bringing attention to.

When should I immediately visit the doctor?

  • sleep disturbances (sensitive sleep, intermittent)
  • decreased activity and apathy or, conversely, hyperactivity
  • moodiness
  • frequent and profuse regurgitation
  • tremor of the face or limbs
  • fainting
  • stuttering
  • tics, cramps
  • developmental delays
  • urinary incontinence at the age of 5 years or more
  • traumatic brain injury.

One or more of the symptoms listed above is not by itself an evidence of a neurological illness, but only a qualified specialist – the pediatric neurologist (Kyiv), can help to establish the diagnosis.

How does the examination proceed?

The neuropathologist evaluates the general state of the child, for instance:

  • superficial and deep reflexes;
  • skills;
  • coordination;
  • muscle tone;
  • development of cognitive functions.

During the examination, the child may be assigned an additional examination:

  • magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • spectroscopy;
  • Ultrasonography with Doppler sonography of the brain vessels;
  • radiography;
  • cerebral angiography;
  • EEG mapping.

Features of an appointment with children under 1 year.

Specialists at KinderKlinik diagnose and treat children of any age, starting from the birth up until they turn 18. A special approach is suggested when examining the newborn infants and babies under 3 years old, because the neurological disorders, noted at this age, are corrected most effectively.

The complex therapy suggests a rigorous diagnostic procedure and treatment of the newborns, who are not yet able to tell, what worries them. Our experienced specialists identify the first “bells” of the neurological problems and successfully treat the illnesses.

Consultation of the pediatric neurologist explicitly includes the diagnostics of the important factors of health. You should remember, that special attention is paid in the following cases:

  • prematurity and birth by caesarean section,
  • squint or bulging eyes,
  • baby sluggishly sucks breasts
  • the child does not hold his head at 4 months.

Advantages at KinderKlinik:

  • our doctors have profound knowledge and large professional experience in the pediatrics
  • we pay huge attention to preventing the disease, thus children get sick less often
  • we practice the complex approach to diagnostics and treatment.
  • we have a friendly and positive atmosphere, where both the child and the mother feel as calm and comfortable as possible

The KinderKlinik medical center provides the whole range of services, and a pediatric neurologist is equipped with the medical diagnostic machinery, which is up to the latest technological standards. Besides, all the necessary tests can be performed at our modern laboratory.

This integrated approach to diagnostics and treatment not only increases the quality of medical services, but also leaves the child and the parents in no need for exhausting visits to medical facilities and long waiting in the line.

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