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A pediatrician – is a main children’s doctor, who takes care of your child from the birth right to when he or she turns 18. A pediatrician checks in with your kid’s development, consults you as to breastfeeding and baby care, performs vaccination, refers you to a specialist if necessary.

Pediatric consultation
Consultation of a pediatrician at the first appointment665 грн
Consultation of a pediatrician650 грн
Extra fee for a consultation by a lead doctor100 грн
Extra fee for a consultation by a director of a medical center KinderKlinik/ PhD, a pediatric doctor330 грн
Inpatient stay
Inpatient stay supervised by medical staff, 1 hour400 грн
Inpatient stay supervised by medical staff, ranging from 2 to 3 hours950 грн
Inpatient stay supervised by medical staff, ranging from 3 to 6 hours1500 грн
Inpatient stay supervised by medical staff, ranging from 6 to 12 hours2300 грн
Appointment of a pediatrician in Kiev

Experience: 14 years old

Place of reception:

  • 16, Demiivska str.

Pediatrician. Pediatric allergist-immunologist.

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Experience: 9 years old

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  • 2, K. Bendukidze str.
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    05.03.2021 18:41

    Всегда все очень четко. Записался, пришел, получил реальные диагнозы и рекомендации. Ничего лишнего. Очень вежливо



    05.03.2021 17:21

    Обожаем Анну Владиславовну Горбань! Супер-педиатр! Наблюдаем у нее двух наших замечательных дочек. Спасибо Вам!

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The pediatrician is the main pediatric physician who follows up the child from birth to 18 years of age. The physician-pediatrician observes the development of the child, advises on the issues of breastfeeding and baby care, conducts vaccination, refers, if necessary, to a consultation with a specialist.

A pediatrician – is a main pediatric doctor, who takes care of your child from the birth right to when he or she turns 18. A pediatrician checks in with your kid’s development, consults you as to breastfeeding and baby care, performs vaccination, refers you to specialized specialists (neurologist, orthopedist, gastroenterologist, allergist, etc.), if necessary.

Pediatrician appointment in Kyiv

How often do I need to visit a pediatrician?

In the first year of life child develops very quickly (for instance, body mass triples during the first year). To keep track of all the changes and identify possible disorders in time, scheduled examinations should not be done less often than once a month. Later on pediatrician’s consultation is advised at the age of 1,5; 2 and 3 years. After that – if necessary.

What does the pediatric examination include?

At the appointment, the pediatrician will pay attention to both the child and the parents. Doctor will ask about the course of pregnancy and birth, development in the first months of child’s life, question the anamnesis details (life history): if the child was ill, what was the illness, if there have ever been allergic reactions, has child visited other specialists, have there ever been surgeries. The doctor will also ask the parents about their health, diseases that can be tracked through the family history. The pediatrician will meticulously examine the child, measure the main parameters (height, body weight, arterial pressure, pulse and breathing frequency), auscultate (listen to) the lungs and heart, palpate (feel) the abdomen, check the ears. The doctor will definitely enquire into the mental and motor development of the child. At the end of the consultation, a conclusion on the child’s health will be drawn, recommendations will be provided regarding feeding, treatment (if the child is sick), necessary examinations and specialists’ consultations will be prescribed, vaccination plan.

When is the pediatrician’s consultation necessary?

Any questions in regard to the child’s development, deviations of the behavior and condition – is a reason to refer to the pediatrician. If there’s anything that you worry about – the pediatrician will help you.

Examinations can be scheduled (we are always happy to see you for the preventive consultations in order to get necessary documents for a kindergarten, school, swimming pool, roller-skates, brake dance, football (soccer), hockey, kayaking, horse riding etc.) and urgent.


A little memo for the parents


Conditions, when the child should be referred to the doctor IMMEDIATELY;

  • FEVER (40 ° C and above)
  • FEVER, which doesn’t subside and is accompanied by the appearance of a rash that does not disappear when pressed in the form of “bruises”, “stars” (pay close attention to the buttocks and legs). However, any rash accompanied by fever should be consulted by a doctor.
  • CONSCIOUSNESS IMPAIRMENT (answers the question incorrectly, does not respond to calls, impossible to wake up)
  • HEAD TRAUMA (especially with loss of consciousness, even short-term), and
  • in general, in case of any serious injury is better to be immediately referred to an emergency room
  • BURNS of the large body surface
  • ALLERGIC REACTIONS like QUINCKE’S EDEMA, especially when the neck begins to swell  (a hoarse voice is an indirect sign)
  • VOMITING and HEADACHE at FEVER without signs of intestinal infection
  • the baby has a LONG SCREAM or cry: piercing (on one note) or very quiet, weak (groans), a swelling of the large fontanel
  • GAIT DISORDERS (stumbles, fall)
  • DEHYDRATION (repeated vomiting or diarrhea)

Conditions, when you can wait for the next workday, but should still visit the pediatrician as soon as possible:

  • fever, but the child drinks well and is active. Fever subsides after antipyretics have been used.
  • hoarse voice, wheezing cough, but there is no dyspnea (frequent heavy breathing), improves after inhalation
  • vomiting, diarrhea, but the child stays hydrated
  • complaints about pain and rash around the joints, sore throat, myalgia, pain when urinating


This memo doesn’t replace the professional examination and doctor’s recommendations.


At KinderKlinik there is always an option to call a pediatric doctor to come to your home. You are welcome to use it! Our pediatricians will come, examine and consult your child, draw all the necessary test materials all while at your home.

If you need a pediatrician in Kyiv, welcome to KinderKlinik. At our medical center you will have your own personal pediatrician who will find a common language with even the most special baby, will plainly and plentifully tell you about their health, ways of prevention and treatment options, if necessary.

We think, that preventing a disease is better than treating it, that is why we will do everything in our power, so Your child is healthy and happy!

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