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Speech Therapy

Our experienced speech therapist will consult you, answer all your questions, if necessary, refer you to related specialists (neurologist, psychologist, etc.), work out an individual correctional program for your child and help cope with speech development disorders.

Consultation of a speech therapist (including VAT)650 грн
Speech therapy in Kiev
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Prevention and correction of speech defects and speech disorders in children. Our experienced speech therapist together with other pediatric doctors (neurologist, psychologist, etc.) will help eliminate the child’s speech development.

Prevention and correction of speech defects and speech disorders in children:

  • we consult, evaluate the speech development in children
  • we help to overcome the speech and psychophysical disorders in a child
  • we create an individual correctional program for every child
  • we eliminate the delays in the development of speech, dyslalia, phonetic and phonemic underdevelopment of speech, dyslexia, dysgraphia, general underdevelopment of speech, which manifests itself in a violation of the phonemic system and the lexical and grammatical structure of speech
  • we perform a therapeutic massage
  • we provide therapeutic correctional and developmental classes
  • we evaluate the psychological readiness of the child to school
  • we provide recommendations regarding the harmonious development of the child and their preparation to school.

Speech is one of the important criteria for assessing the development of children, since it is closely related to the development of the child’s thinking, as well as their entire mental sphere. Whether the child has speech development disorders or not directly affects how independent the child will grow, whether he will be able to find a common language with his parents, children of the same age and other people, how successfully the child will perform at school, etc. And in the future, the process of adaptation of a grown up child in society, and all their subsequent life, success or, on the contrary, pursuing failures and how much the child feels happy, are largely determined and can even be “programmed” in early childhood by precisely how the child is talking and whether the speech development is impaired.

Therefore, you shouldn’t underscore the speech defects in your child or any other problems of the speech development. If the parents are worried by certain episodes or have questions – be sure to consult the specialist – speech therapist.

When do I need a consultation of a speech therapist?

  • the child has pronunciation problems (of varying severity)
  • lagging speech development
  • neurotic speech disorders (the child is afraid to speak in the presence of a large number of people or certain individuals)
  • low concentration of attention, memory
  • hyperactivity
  • neurotic reactions, neuroses
  • autism spectrum disorders
  • impaired mental function.

If the child experiences the symptoms, listed above – you should visit KinderKlinik! Our experienced speech therapist will consult you, answer all the burning questions, and if necessary – refer to the doctors of tangential specialties (neurologist, psychologist etc.), work out an individual correctional plan and will help to cope with the disorders of the speech development.

Our specialist will establish, which aspects of the speech and child’s psyche need improvement and correction, will find effective devices and methods specially for Your child to help them overcome speech disorders.

When forming the right pronunciation, the speech therapist at KinderKlinik pays a special attention to these areas:

  • development of auditory memory and attention, phonemic perception and auditory control, improvement of all phonemic processes (if there is such a need)
  • elimination of incorrect pronunciation of sounds, production of sounds, its automation
  • the development of fine and general motility, the development of mobility of the organs of the peripheral speech apparatus
  • development of skills allowing to differentiate sounds similar in articulation and audition.

What do the correctional-developing classes provide?

  • they improve perception and visual coordination
  • form thinking: the ability to analyze, compare, synthesize, generalize, etc.
  • develop phonemic hearing
  • widen the outlook of the child
  • increase the child’s ability to learn, learn, and communicate.

Looking for a good speech therapist in Kyiv? Welcome to KinderKlinik – our experienced speech therapist, together with other pediatric doctors (neurologist, psychologist etc.) will help to eliminate the disorders of the speech development.

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