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What is pediatric urology concerned with? Exploring anatomic structure and functional state of upper, lower urinary tracts and outer genital organs in boys and girls. Regular examinations by pediatric urologist will help to prevent any illnesses and keep your child healthy.

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What is the main focus of urology in children? The study of the anatomical structure and functional state of the upper, lower urinary tract and the external genitalia of boys and girls. Preventive examinations at a pediatric urologist will help to maintain the child’s health.

Diseases of the urinary tract are some of the most common problems with children’s health. Hydronephrosis, megaureter, vesicoureteral reflux, enuresis, urolithiasis, hypospadias, dropsy, phimosis, cryptorchidism, urinary tract infections – still not a complete list of disorders that the pediatric urologist addresses.

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What does pediatric urology focus on?

Studying the anatomical structure and functional state of the upper (kidneys, ureters), lower (urinary bladder and urethra) urinary tracts and external genitalia in boys and girls.

Preventing examinations at the pediatric urologist will help to preserve the child’s health, and in case of any pathology – detect it at the earliest stage. However, it occasionally happens so, that the consultation with a pediatric urologist is necessary.

When should I consult the pediatric urologist?

  • child’s urination is impaired (rapid, painful, straining)
  • day or night urinary incontinence (enuresis)
  • drawing pains in the abdomen or lower back
  • fever for no apparent reason
  • redness, itching in the external genital area
  • changes in the color and / or composition of the urine of the child (in the test results).
  • If your child experiences any of the symptoms, listed above, don’t wait to visit a pediatric urologist – he/she can help to establish the true cause of the problem and, if necessary, prescribe the appropriate treatment.
  • What diseases does a pediatric urologist treat?
  • various disorders of the bladder (congenital, inflammatory and neurogenic);
  • acute and chronic urinary tract infections;
  • congenital malformations of the urinary system;
  • pathologies of the development of external genitalia (hypospadias, epispadias, cryptorchidism);
  • phimosis.

Nearly every third child suffers from the urinary system illnesses. Very often the reason for a severe course of urological diseases hides in the late consultation with a doctor.

Parents! Pay attention to your child! It is very important to diagnose the disease at the early stage and start treatment as soon as possible – this is a guarantee for a quick recovery of the child’s urinary system and favorable psych-sexual adaptation of the child in the society.

A pediatric urologist also diagnoses and indicates surgical intervention in the following pathologies:

  • congenital and acquired defects of the upper and lower urinary tract, including the bladder (hydronephrosis, megaureter, vesicoureteral reflux, ureterocele);
  • congenital malformations of the external genitalia and urethra (hypospadias, epispadias, dropsy, cysts of the spermatic cord; varicocele, phimosis, cryptorchidism).

If necessary, the pediatric urologist will refer your child to doctors of tangential specialties, because very often there is a need of advice from a pediatric neurologist, psychologist, nephrologist etc.

How does an examination at a pediatric urologist proceed at KinderKlinik?

A doctor examines the child, questions him about the symptoms and complaints, always enquires about other accompanying and hereditary diseases. If necessary, a pediatric urologist can refer to further examination – laboratory testing or instrumental diagnostics (Ultrasonography etc.)

Luckily, at KinderKlinik we have our own laboratory and diagnostic methods of examination. Upon receiving the test results, a pediatric urologist can establish the diagnosis, and, if necessary, prescribe an appropriate treatment, taking into account individual features of a child?

Looking for a good pediatric urologist in Kyiv? Welcome to KinderKlinik!

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