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Gorbatuk Olga Igorevna

Information about the doctor:

Experience: since 2010;

Education: Kyiv Medical University of UAFM

Professional growth:

  • Specialty: pediatrics, allergology, immunology
  • Worked as a pediatrician in policlinics, “OkhMatDet” and leading private clinics in Kyiv, at the moment combines the pediatric practice with a work of allergist.
  • Studied the program “Principles of molecular allergology” in Ukrainian school of molecular allergology and immunology

Is a member of IN Uni MA&I (International Network University for Molecular Allergology & Immunology)

  • Took part in an international symposium “Primary immunodeficiencies – a path to adulthood”
  • Self-studies, explores medical literature, is a regular participant of conferences, courses, master-classes.
  • Author of a publication in a journal “Modern pediatrics” – “Managing a child with interstitial diseases of the lungs (adapted recommendations of American Thoracic community)”
  • Author of a report at a conference “A case of protein-deprived enteropathy in a child allergic to the protein of cow milk”
  • Took part in TV-Show “Ukraine’s got talent”
  • Speaks English, allowing her to consult foreign patients.

Priority areas of practice:

  • the whole range of pediatrics:
  • patronage of children under 1 year
  • regularly sick children, including – difficult cases in the practice of a pediatrician-allergist
  • children with polysensitization
  • advice on nutrition, the introduction of complementary foods for children of the first year of life
  • complex immunoprophylaxis of infectious diseases (preparation of individual vaccination schedules)
  • allergology
  • Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT or ASIT)
  • disease prevention.
  • Specialized in treatment of the following diseases:
  • lingering cough syndrome
  • atopic dermatitis
  • gastrointestinal pathology
  • bronchial asthma, atopy
  • ARVI.

A good doctor is a patient’s friend, but at the same time – a teacher, and someone, who constantly keeps on learning.

I think, that medicine should largely be preventive. It’s always hard to treat, but an adequately designed prevention can show amazing results.

Doctor is a creative job. All children differ, and an approach to each and every one of them is an individual one.

I love reaching consensus with parents and their children.

Children – are the bloom of life, and I want them to be healthy, stay children for so long as they can and make everyone happy, and for us, parents, to not forget, that we, too, come from childhood


    Ганна О

    18.01.2021 13:54

    Рекомендую звертатися до Ольги Ігорівни всім діточкам з харчовою алергією. Нам вона буквально спасла життя! Дуже чуйна та професійна! Дякуємо


    Лиза Филатова

    05.05.2020 18:28

    Очень понравилась клиника. Особенно хочу сказать спасибо Горбатюк Ольге Игоревне. Меньший ребёнок не вылазила из простуд, доктор сразу же предложила сдать анализ, и ее опасения подтвердились. Решение — врач предложила вакцинацию, которая была в наличии на тот момент в клинике. После вакцинации за нами наблюдали в течение 30 минут, что очень важно, на следующий день перезвонили узнать, есть ли у нас жалобы. С момента вакцинации прошло уже два месяца и ни одного пропущенного дня в саду по болезни! Очень нравится, что в клинике два входа, особенно актуально, если вы с ребёнком идёте на вакцинацию. Спасибо большое!

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