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Guk Oksana Grigoryevna

Information about the doctor:

Experience: since 2001;

Education: The National Pedagogical Dragomanov University

Professional growth:

  • Specialty: speech therapy
  • For more than 18 years has been working in kindergartens as a speech therapist, treating severe speech disorders
  • Considers the work as a speech therapist her calling. Oksana Grygorivna is not only a successful defectologist and speech therapist, but also a good psychologist. Her lessons with children are like a game; there is an individual program for each child’s speech correction. Massage, articulation gymnastics, various games – all to make speech therapy lessons exciting and inviting to learn and improve.
  • Performs therapeutic massage of speech-related organs (manual, instrumental and with a help of special tool – vibration massage)
  • Oksana Grygorivna holds an honorable title of “Teacher- Methodist”
  • Is a member of Ukrainian association of special pedagogies;
  • Is a permanent member of practical research conferences: All-Ukrainian practical research conference “Innovational approaches in special education”, as well as “Psychology of development in gestalt therapy. Foundations of psychological expertise” etc.
  • Attended a training: “Employing computerized interactive exercises in speech therapy” master-class: “Speech therapy in correction pronunciation in kids and adults”, training “Foundations of therapeutic massage”, master class “Modern approaches to diagnostics and correction of writing disorders in children of junior school age”;
  • Member at All-Ukrainian psychological festival “Parostok”, All-Ukrainian festival of practical speech therapy;
  • Author of the articles “Principles of correctional work in speech therapy to form pronunciation” and “Ilvuvrmch” or “I love you very much” (about speech disorders in children”, the last one printed in the magazine “Voice of Ukraine”.

Priority areas of practice:

  • Work with kids of pre-school and junior school age;
  • Correction of dysarthria, dysallium, (PPDS – phonetically-phonematic disorders of speech), (GSD -general speech disorders) of different severity, dysgraphia;

Specialized in treatment of the following diseases:

  • general speech disorders (I, II, III levels);
  • phonetic-phonematic disorders of speech;
  • dysallium, dysgraphia.

Clear and correct speech is the best presentation of a person. I teach the silent ones to speak. I help children to develop their own speech, to make it clear and intelligible, so that the child is well understood by those around himher.

A good speech therapist – is first and foremost, a professional. HeShe can have children’s attention, is kind, funny, plays interesting games..

It’s very rewarding and inspiring to see, how child’s speech is restored, how disorders of reading and writing disappear. When you see the results of your work, it’s really satisfying.


    Римма Канивель

    05.05.2020 19:29

    Оксана Григорьевна владеет различными логопедическими методиками, умеет делать логопедический массаж. Я думаю, это, а также опыт и глубокие знания врача помогли моему ребенку с задержкой развития речи. Мой малыш до этого почти ничего не произносил, а после того, как мы попали к врачу – заговорил!! Причем буквально через несколько сеансов. Я счастлива! И безмерно благодарна Оксане Григорьевне, что разговорила моего молчуна!

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