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Mironova Nadezhda Ivanovna

Information about the doctor:

Experience: since 1996;

Education: Bogomolets National Medical University

Professional growth:

  • Specialty: laboratory diagnostics
  • A regular participant at conferences, thematic courses of improving the laboratory diagnostics of various diseases.

Priority areas of practice:

  • clinical studies of blood and other biological fluids,
  • biochemical and immunological studies,
  • study of the hemostatic system.

The most important in my job is quality and reliability of the test results, which play a role in differential diagnostics of diseases and their treatment.

A good doctor – is someone clever, educated, with a love for the job and people. Someone, who knows how to help and empathize

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24-hour medical care
KinderKlinik’s branches on Demeevskaya 16 and Vyshgorodskaya 45/2 st. opend 24/7 (every hour of every day)
  • Experienced pediatric doctors will provide assistance round the clock (examination, diagnosis, infusion therapy (droppers), child's condition monitoring, introduction of antibiotics and other drugs)
  • Laboratory tests 24/7
  • Chambers with medical supervision
  • Day hospital