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Vasilenko Yelena Ivanovna

Information about the doctor: Experience: since 1997; Education: Bogomolets National Medical University Professional growth:

  • Specialty: pediatric psychiatry
  • For many years she worked as a pediatric psychiatrist in a school for children with severe speech defects, and in psychoneurological clinic, as a pediatric district psychiatrist
  • Applies methods of rational psychiatry in her work with children
  • Is a permanent member of Ukrainian and international conferences, dedicated to ADHD, autism and other psychological children’s diseases;
  • Is a coauthor of publications in the medical journals: “Children with autism spectrum disorders, features of their dental morbidity and approaches to the treatment of major dental diseases”, “Analysis of dental morbidity in children with autism spectrum disorders” etc.
  • Keeps self-studying by exploring medical literature, attending conferences, seminars, courses and master-classes

Priority areas of practice: – Outpatient medication psychotherapeutic assistance to children and their parents. Specialized in treatment of the following diseases:

  • delayed mental and speech development
  • autism
  • disorders of behavior and emotions
  • depressive states
  • anorexia
  • Schizoaffective disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • adaptation disorders
  • enuresis
  • tics.

I’m inspired by a desire to help both a child, and a mother. I understand very well, what is it like for parents, and recognize their problems. That’s is why I always have an integrated approach: both with a child, and a mother. I pay large amount of attention to enlightening the parents: advise on rehabilitation, how to behave at home – there are many details, which one only discovers with experience.

A good doctor – is a competent, professional, attentive, understanding and compassionate human being. In our profession, where there is no pill to give the child and immediately solve the problem – this is probably all the more important. It’s a long complex work.

To find an approach to a child, intuitively, you need to be kind and compassionate. In spite of all the problems children might have, they are very sensitive to even passive ill-will and aggression.
When I see significant improvements in the child’s condition, I feel deeply satisfied and proud to have chosen this profession



    19.01.2021 17:10

    Не буду описывать нашу проблему. Скажу только, Елена Ивановна нам очень помогла. Большое ей спасибо



    05.05.2020 19:11

    Елена Ивановна — врач спокойная, рассудительная и грамотная. Четко ответила на все мои вопросы. Доступно объяснила, какая у нас проблема, откуда «ноги растут» и как можно быстрее и лучше с ней справиться. Дала много рекомендаций и советов. Однозначно понравилась!

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