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Barzilovich Vladislava Dmitriyevna

Information about the doctor:

Experience: since 2011;

Education: Bogomolets National Medical University

Professional growth:

  • Specialty: pediatric allergology
  • Is a member of World Allergy organization and European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, secretary of Association of Pediatric Allergists of Ukraine;
  • A regular participant at topical conferences, seminars, symposiums on allergology;
  • Is fluent in English, which not only allows to admit foreign patients, but keep to constantly learn and self-study.


Drug Hypersensitivity meeting (DHM) 2018 of the EACCI, Amsterdam, Netherlands – poster report

AAAAI/WAO 2018 Joint Congress, USA, Orlando – poster report

4th Training for International Network of Universities for Molecular Allergology & Immunology (INUNIMAI) Trainers on Molecular Allergology, Vienna, Austria


XXI Vilnius International pediatric pulmonology and allergology conference-school, Vilnius, Lithuania

9 EFIS-EJI South Eastern European Immunology School (SEEIS2017), Lviv, Ukraine


WISC 2016, Jerusalem, Israel – poster report

Allergy school on drug allergy in children, Belgrade, Serbia – Poster Report

3rd Training for Trainers of International Network of Universities for Molecular Allergology & Immunology, Vienna, Austria

The EAACI Congress 2016, Vienna, Austria – poster report, award for the best presentation

Drug Hypersensitivity meeting (DHM) 2016 of the EAACI, Malaga, Spain – poster report

14th EAACI Immunology Winter School Basic Immunology Research in Allergy and Clinical Immunology Pocol, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy – poster report

Mentorship Programme (MP) of the EAACI – internship at the department of allergology and clinical immunology in the Center of Drug Hypersensitivity in University Clinic of S.João, Porto, Portugal 2015

The EAACI Congress 2015, Barcelona, Spain – poster report

EAACI Allergy School, Taormina, Italy – poster report, award for the best performance

Priority areas of practice:

bronchial asthma

allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis

atopic dermatitis

food allergy (priority in children of the first 3 years of life, especially the correction of the diet of mother and child)

drug allergy

molecular allergology, specific immunotherapy

Specialized in treatment of the following diseases:

  • bronchial asthma,
  • allergic rhinitis
  • conjunctivitis,
  • atopic dermatitis,
  • food allergy (priority in children of the first 3 years of life, especially the correction of the diet of mother and child),
  • drug allergy, molecular allergology, specific immunotherapy, etc.

Allergy is not a “disease”, but rather a special state of the organism.

The most important part of the pediatric allergist’s work is not only timely diagnostics, but also forming healthy habits in the family.

When there is a coordinated effort between the allergist, parents and the child, I can say with great pleasure: each of my patients is absolutely healthy



    26.02.2021 12:48

    Звернулися до Владислави Дмитрівни з харчовою алергіює. Спочатку не розуміли, від чого могла б бути алергія. Після консультації у Владислави Дмитрівни здали на аналіз кров. І ситуація прояснилась. Після деякого періоду лікування все налагодилось. Дякуємо за медичну допомогу!


    Анастасія Романова

    25.05.2020 11:23

    Дуже крутий лікар-алерголог. У моєї дитини була харчова алергія на багато продуктів. Завдяки їй, ми вилікували свою дитину і тепер можемо їсти все. Дякую Вам велике!



    05.05.2020 19:30

    Владислава Барзилович — хороший детский аллерголог. Очень толковый врач, мы обращались к ней с подозрением на аллергию, хорошо, что не подтвердилось. Но ее рекомендации и назначения нам очень помогли. Лишнего ничего не назначает. Так что, смело могу рекомендовать!

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