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First year with KinderKlinik

6 September 2019

In their first year, children actively develop and learn to explore the world. It’s at this time when it’s crucial to keep a close eye on their growth in order to not miss the development of pathologies, identify them and, if possible, correct any developmental disorders. To help young mothers cope with this important mission, we created an integrated medical program “First year with KinderKlinik”, based on the recommendations from the leading Ukrainian and foreign pediatricians!

In order for your child to grows healthy and happy, we suggest:

  • monthly examinations by a personal pediatrician
  • monitoring the development of vital organs and systems of the child by pediatric doctors: neurologist, surgeon, orthopedist, ophthalmologist and otolaryngologist
  • laboratory tests and instrumental examinations (ultrasonography, neurosonography, etc.).

The cost of the “First Year with KinderKlinik” program is 18,100 UAH.

The program is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase.

Program benefits:

  • you will be provided with your personal pediatrician, who will systematically monitor your child’s health
  • the complete package of the necessary medical services
  • convenient individual plan of appointments
  • keep in touch with your pediatrician seven days a week
  • personal account on the website, where You will be able to see the results of tests and examinations, as well as the conclusions of Your personal pediatrician and other specialists at any time.

The package for an integrated medical program “First year with KinderKlinik” includes

Name of the service Interpretation of the service NumberРасшифровка услугиКол-во
12 pediatric examinations/year and 3 unscheduled examinations at the parents’ initiative

(from the first to twelfth month of the child’s life the examinations are performed monthly)

10 examinations by narrow specialists (2 examinations/year by every specialist)

+ 4 additional examinations at the parents’ initiative

(Date and the order of examinations are determined by a pediatrician, taking into account individual features of the child)

Additional examinations4
15 laboratory tests prescribed by a personal pediatrician: Clinical blood test :Clinical blood test1
Clinical analysis of urine1
C-reactive protein (quantitatively)1
Additional laboratory / clinical examinations11
6 instrumental examinations, which, if necessary, will be prescribed by a personal pediatrician: ultrasonography of the abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal spaceUltrasound of the abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space1
Resting Electrocardiography (ECG)1
Ultrasonography of the hip joints in children according to the Graph method – once a year1
Transthoracic echocardiography + Doppler sonography of the heart – once a year 11
Thymus ultrasonography 1 to choose from1 to choose
Ultrasonography of the soft tissues (1 anatomical site)
Ultrasonography of peripheral lymph nodes (1 anatomical site)
Neurosonography (NSG) – 1 time per year1
Daily inpatient stay at the KinderKlinik medical center, if such is necessary – up to ten hours per year.Up to 10 hours a year in total
Communication with Your personal pediatrician in the off-hours in case of clinical emergency
To get a telephone consultation of the pediatrician in case of clinical emergency, call the KinderKlinik call-center:
0800 30 75 75
096 390 75 75
044 390 75 75
after the response from an answering machine, input the number of your pediatrician, which You got at the first appointment.

*the cost of vaccines, medicine and medical devices, that are used during the medical procedures – are not a part of the program and require a separate additional payment.

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