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KinderKlinik – a medical center for kids only

7 September 2019

KiderKlinik – is a specialized medical center that focuses on children only. Our high qualification allows us to ensure you, that our methods of preventing, diagnostics and treatment are based on evidence and the latest international protocols.

We love children and accept them for who they are. Our kids are better and smarter than we are – we know how to listen to them.

KinderKlinik works in the judiciary field – we respect and observe children’s and parents’ rights. All our actions focus on protecting child’s interests. A lot of kids don’t like medical facilities – it’s scary, boring and uncomfortable there. That’s why, creating KiderKlinik, we tried to take all details into account, so parents would be comfortable and their kids – relaxed and even entertained. Busy boards and mats, toys and the way doctors talk to the kids – all designed to make preventing and curing disease as comfortable and effective as possible.

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