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Phototherapy at home

6 September 2019

Newborn babies often develop a condition called a physiologic jaundice (the yellowing of the skin), caused by the increased level of bilirubin in the blood. Sounds familiar? A way to solve this problem – a course of phototherapy sessions. The baby will have to “sunbath” under a lamp emitting light with a specific wavelength, which helps to get rid of extra bilirubin. If you don’t want to take your child in places with lots of people, we’ve designed a special package called “Phototherapy at home” especially for you, according to which Your baby can “sunbath” under a special lamp at home! What does the package include? First, according to the package, Your child will be consulted by a pediatrician at KinderKlinik and in case of newborn jaundice, the child will be prescribed phototherapy. Child examinations are performed at our departments at the following addresses: 2, Alexandra Myshugi str. (Poznyaky) and 2, Kahi Bendukydze str. (Pecherska). At our departments we have separate entrances for healthy and ill kids, that is why the risk to get infected from another child is minimal! What next? The package plan lasts 5 days (that is usually enough to recover from jaundice) 1st day. KinderKlinik nurse brings the phototherapy lamp to the patient home, puts the child under the lamp, performs all the necessary settings and manipulations. Makes a control transcutaneous test (bilit test). Test – skin, non-invasive (no injections). It almost instantly determines the level of bilirubin in the blood. Also, the nurse will tell you in detail how and for how long the baby needs to “sunbathe” under the lamp according to the instructions of the pediatrician. 2nd day. Parents conduct phototherapy sessions on their own. 3rd day. The KinderKlinik nurse comes back to the house to check the level of bilirubin in the child’s blood with the help of a test. If necessary, answers questions from parents. 4th day. Parents conduct phototherapy sessions on their own. 5th day. At the end of the phototherapy cycle, a nurse returns to the patient’s home and conducts a bilith test to verify that the procedure has helped and that the child’s bilirubin level has dropped to safe levels. Making sure – takes the equipment back to KinderKlinik. Within 1-2 days after the end of the cycle of procedures, a follow-up consultation with a pediatrician is carried out in the KinderKlinik department. If the patient needs phototherapy longer than 5 days, then for all subsequent days, starting from the 6th, the phototherapy service and the nurse’s departure to the house are paid separately according to the KinderKlinik price list. Package benefits:

  • the package with the services is cheaper than the total cost of services bought separately, according to the KinderKlinik pricelist
  • using the modern and high-quality equipment for phototherapy
  • using bilitest to control the effectiveness of the service – non-invasive and technically instant method of determining the bilirubin level in the blood
  • performing the phototherapy under KinderKlinik nurse supervision
  • the newborn baby does not need to be driven anywhere, the phototherapeutic procedure is performed in the comfortable surroundings of home
  • convenience and economy for Your budget


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