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“To school with KinderKlinik”

6 September 2019

In the first grade for the first time? We created a “To school with KinderKlinik” package for You, that not only allows you to get all the necessary paperwork, but to learn the real condition of Your child’s health and the presence of any contraindications! The comprehensive examination by our specialists will help to preserve Your child’s health and protect them from various diseases in the new surrounding under heavy workload!

What does the package include?

  • consultation of the pediatrician;
  • consultation of the ophthalmologist;
  • consultation of the orthopedist;
  • consultation of the neurologist;
  • resting ECG;
  • general blood and urine tests;
  • blood test for glucose;
  • analysis of feces for helminth eggs and protozoa cysts;
  • scraping for enterobiosis (pinworm eggs);
  • Form 063 and a medical certificate on the epidemiological environment;
  • form 086 / 0-1 and 2.

The package price is 2600 UAH.

The package is valid for 30 days after purchase.


-comprehensive conclusion about the child’s health and all the necessary medical certificates to enroll in the school;

-convenience and economy of Your time;

– the cost of all the disposable materials are included in the package price, you don’t have to make any additional payments;

-personal account on the website, where You will be able to see the test results and clinicians’ conclusions at any time.

To learn the details and sign up for an appointment you can call the KinderKlinik contact-center at the following phone numbers:

0800 30 75 75

096 390 75 75

044 390 75 75

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