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7 September 2019

At KinderKlinik your child will systematically be under care and supervision of one his/her personal doctor until your child comes of age.

Conclusions of meta-analysis, conducted in the United Kingdom, state that patients who are treated and supervised by one doctor are healthier and live longer. This is not surprising, because your personal doctor knows your child’s life history, hisher diseases, specifics of the surrounding and food, heredity and family history, to sum up – everything necessary to keep your child healthy. This is exactly the system we created at KinderKlinik.

We believe that the quickest and most effective treatment can achieved only when the doctor, parents and child play in the same team. This is why we comprehensibly explain all the stages of treatment, necessity and technique of the procedures.

And so you have an opportunity to consult your personal pediatrician at any time anywhere, we created your personal cabinet on the website with an option of a direct chat! In your personal cabinet you may also take a look at and download the results of examination and laboratory analysis, conclusions and prescriptions of the doctors. Furthermore, in case of emergency, You can directly call your personal doctor.

In order to do that You should call the KinderKlinik contact-center (0800 30 75 75, 096 390 75 75, 044 390 75 75), and afterwards the number of your personal doctor, that You received during the first appointment.

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